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Evans Easy Strip - Fast Acting Floor Pol...


Easy Strip™Fast Acting Floor Polish Stripper Powerful, quick effective action Removes stubborn polish and heavy build-up For use with a mop or floor machine Does not need neutralising - saves time ..

Evans Est-eem - Unperfumed Cleaner Sanit...


Est-eem™Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser Kills bacteria and cleans in one application For food contact surfaces, floors, walls and equipment Passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact time Ideal ..

HLS SA-25 Sanitiser - Unperfumed Cleaner...


SA-25 Sanitiser is an unperfumed anti - bacterial cleaner and disinfectant which will safely sanitise surfaces used within the construction, commercial, trade and food industries. Use on chopping boards, door handles, floors, kitchen tops & equip..

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