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Blue Mini V-Fold Children's Hand Towels ...


A half-size V-fold mini paper hand towel made from recycled 1 ply blue tissue. Perfect for nurseries, where smaller hands require less paper. Like all interfold towels, PRO mini interfold paper towels dispense easily, presenting a..

Katrin Classic Hand Towel Zig Zag 1 Ply ...


Interleaved (Zig Zag, V-Fold) hand towels for every day use 1-Ply, white Self presenting towels, one sheet at a time which is hygienic and helps to reduce consumption Suitable for low to medium traffic areas Supplied in a pack of 6000 towels..

V-Fold Hand Towels


Great value V-fold towels made from 2 ply paper.  Supplied in a box of 3000.Each towel is approximately 25 x 11cm when folded and 25 x 23cm unfolded. Be sure to place these in the dispenser the right way up as they are very hard to get..

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)

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