HLS TW-25 - Truck Wash TFR Non-Caustic 210L

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TW-25Truck Wash  - Non-Caustic Traffic Film Remover (TFR)100:1 Mixing RatioNon-CausticPaintwork SafeDeep Cleaning ActionFast ShippingTW-25 is a specially formulated blend of silicates, phosphates, chelating agents and surfactants, producing a ..


Truck Wash  - Non-Caustic Traffic Film Remover (TFR)

  • 100:1 Mixing Ratio
  • Non-Caustic
  • Paintwork Safe
  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • Fast Shipping

TW-25 is a specially formulated blend of silicates, phosphates, chelating agents and surfactants, producing a high performance, traffic film remover which does not affect the paint work. It is considered one of the best traffic film removers on the market for use with both hot or cold water pressure machines.

TW-25 is suitable for use through brush washers, pressure washers and washing by hand using either hot or cold water.

TW-25 mixes instantly, is 100% water soluble and can be diluted with up to 100 parts of water depending on degree of soiling. It is non-caustic, non-acidic, non-flammable, non-volatile and is completely bio-degradable.

TW-25 goes to work immediately, removing traffic film, grease, oil, diesel smoke, soiling, bitumen and tar deposits.

TW-25 contains a water softening additive to eliminate scale. It also contains a unique water displacer which, following the rinsing operation, starts to work de-watering the surface, leaving the vehicle with a bright, gloss-like, streak free finish.

To remove traffic film, etc., from cars and commercial vehicles TW-25 will not require agitation for regular cleaning and light soiling. For heavily ingrained soiling, some agitation may be required.

TW-25 can be used extensively in the transport industry on cars, vans, fleet vehicles, tankers, tilt-sided vehicles and containers. Due to the unique water displacer, cars which are cleaner with TW-25 will appear to have been treated with wax.

N.B: When washing by hand, rinse off thoroughly with hose under pressure.

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Size 210L

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