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HLS AG-45 - Artificial Grass Cleaner 5L


AG-45 has been specially formulated to disinfect, clean and deodorise all types of artificial grass. Suitable for artificial grasses such as AstroTurf, tennis courts, artificial bowling greens and synthetic lawns. Once dry is it completely ch..

HLS BL-20 - Bleach 5L


BL-20BleachBL-20 is a high quality general purpose bleach which cleans, disinfects and kills germs at the same time on most hard surface areas. HLS BL-20 Bleach will keep drains, toilets and urinals smelling clean and fresh, eradicating malodours at ..

HLS DT-30 Pine Disinfectant 5L


DT-30Pine DisinfectantDT-30 is a pine fragranced disinfectant, containing quaternary ammonium chlorides. It can be diluted one part concentrate with 30 parts water to give a general disinfectant that will reduce pathogenic microbes in all areas in..

Evans Final Touch - Washroom Sanitiser


Final Touch™Washroom Sanitiser Highly perfumed, bactericidal washroom cleaner Kills a range of bacteria, including Legionella, MRSA & E-coli Passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact time Ideal ..

Evans Lime - Citrus Disinfectant


LimeCitrus Disinfectant General purpose, based on quaternary ammonium compounds Kills bacteria to help prevent the spread of infection Suitable for floors, toilets, sinks and drains Refreshing, long lasting..

Evans Protect - Disinfectant Cleaner


Protect™Disinfectant CleanerDownload a Microbioloical Profile Concentrated multi purpose sanitiser with a clean, fresh fragrance Kills bacteria. Passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact time Ideal ..

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