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HLS DG-15 - Degreaser 5L


DG-15 is a specially formulated hard surface cleaner and degreaser designed for removing the most stubborn of soiling with ease and economy. This powerful degreaser is completely bio-degradable, 100% miscible with water and can be diluted with up to ..

HLS HA-65 - Antibacterial Hand Soap 5L


HA-65 offers effective hand cleaning whilst killing a wide range of bacteria. This premium quality hand soap is un-perfumed and is ideal for use where food is handled. HA-65 has been pH balanced to be gentle on your skin. HA-65 comes in a 5L bottle a..

HLS OC-15 - Oven Cleaner 5L

HLS OC-15 - Oven Cleaner 5L


OC-15 is high power, thickened oven cleaner for removing the heaviest of baked on grease and grime from ovens, grills and cast iron hobs. OC-15's thickened formulation is easy to apply by brush and will cling to the surface to dissolve tough to ..

HLS SS-10 - Stainless Steel Cleaner 5L


SS-10 has been specially formulated to clean stainless steel quickly and efficiently. GC-20 cleans, brightens and polishes without streaking. Use it on stainless steel, polished metal, chrome, enamel and ceramic surfaces.SS-10 will remove finger mark..

Evans Blusyl - High Active Washing Up Li...


Blusyl®High Active Washing Up Liquid For manual cleaning of crockery, glassware and kitchen utensils High foam, excellent grease removal Neutral, mild on hands Fresh citrus fragrance ..

Evans Dish Wash


DishwashFor Automatic Dishwashing Machines High active, low foaming detergent Helps to prevent scale formulation and re-deposits of soil Suitable for all types of single and multi tank automatic machines For ..

Evans Est-eem - Unperfumed Cleaner Sanit...


Est-eem™Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser Kills bacteria and cleans in one application For food contact surfaces, floors, walls and equipment Passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact time Ideal ..

Evans Lift - Heavy Duty Degreaser


Lift®Heavy Duty Unperfumed Cleaner Degreaser Powerful multi surface cleaner and degreaser Cuts through grease and removes ingrained soil. Approved for ALTRO flooring For use on floors, walls, cooker hoods and oven..

Evans Rinse Aid Multi


Rinse Aid MultiFor Automatic Machines A blend of low foaming surfactants to promote rapid drying of drinking glasses Eliminates water spotting and provides a sparkling, streak free result Will not affect beer..

HLS SA-25 Sanitiser - Unperfumed Cleaner...


SA-25 Sanitiser is an unperfumed cleaner and disinfectant which will safely sanitise surfaces used within the food industry. Use on kitchen tops, equipment, tables, stainless steel and wooden surfaces.Features:- - Cleans and disinfects most hard..

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